Foresight Sports GC QUAD

The GC QUAD uses 4 ultra-high-speed cameras to see EXACTLY what happens at impact. It instantly shows you why you hit the shots you do, and how to correct them.

The cameras give extremely accurate data on exactly how the club face is moving as it hits the ball and how the ball launches off the club face.

It tracks BOTH club face and ball with all 4 cameras – It is the most accurate club face measurement tool on the market. You will be able to MEASURE and SEE your improvement within minutes!

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V1 Sports Analysis Software

The ability to analyse and review your swing patterns form the foundation of any plan of action. Using a HD camera that can record up to 1000 frames per second can give clarity and detail to pin point subtle faults and weaknesses in your swing.


Using the playback tools within the industry leading V1 Sports analysis software helps you to compare your swing from past lessons ultimately helping you to make improvements in your game. 

Students are welcome to keep the hard copies of any videos taken within 1-2-1 coaching sessions.