Gap Assessment

Many golfers don’t really know how far they hit each or certain clubs. In order to test distance with a set of clubs effectively, it helps to have top-of-the line technology that can collect precise data.

By using Foresight Sports GC Quad we are able to record the distance you are gaining with each club. This also has the advantage of determining any yardage gaps or performance drop offs arising through the set where alternative clubs can be recommended.

Going through your set, we have the potential to find where two golf clubs start to go the same distance... a common problem! For slower swingers that may be at your 6 & 7 iron or for faster swingers it may be at your 4 and 5 iron.

Replacing redundant clubs with lofted fairway woods or hybrids to fill particular gaps is ever popular even with the worlds best players. Allowing a golfer to employ 14 effective clubs which all serve a purpose can be a real benefit.

Providing you with a full print out, having a unique distance and trajectory for not only full shots, but also 1/2 & 3/4 swings can give increased confidence with club selection.